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Evolution verses Creation

The atheists theory is that some interpretations of the book of Genesis in the Bible exclude the possibility of evolution. However, the Bible does not portray the notion that evolution did not occur. The Bible does say that in the beginning the heavens and the earth were created by God. The Bible then has a fast forward gap in time which brings us to the modern age of about 6,000 years ago.

There is a lot of archeological and paleontological evidence available in the scientific community supporting the facts that humans did evolve from cavemen which in turn evolved from lower primates, and so on. The Bible does not dispute or any of those facts even though they may be ignored or not mentioned.

The Bible does refer to men as "from dust to dust". In the literal sense this is scientifically accurate if the time element to come out of the earth is ignored. After all, evolution states we came from the earth, and everyone knows our bodies decay back into the earth when we die.

Do insects have a soul? Do fish have a soul? Do people a spirit or soul? Do you have a soul? What was the first being with a soul or spirit? Is it possible that evolutionists and creationists are both right? Is it possible that the universe was created by God and species did evolve over time? Is it possible that the first person to have a soul was a homosapien caveman named Adam?

The evidence does not suggest that evolution excludes the possibility of a higher order being having a soul. Likewise the Bible does not exclude the possibility of a lower order being evolving into a higher order being. There is no contradiction. The evidence supports there being a union of both schools of thought, with an intersection at the truth where they are both right and confirm each other.






















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