Against the Bible


Against the Bible


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Not all Christians exemplify the perfect role model

One of the biggest reasons people don't believe in God and Jesus is because the way some Christians act. It is clearly true that Christian people [like everyone else] aren't perfect. However, the Bible tells us that the difference is that on judgement day in the future they will be forgiven for their sins because their debt was already paid in full by the voluntary sacrifical death of Jesus.

The Bible tells us that asking Jesus to come into your life is all that is needed to redeem yourself from judgement.The Bible does not tell us that asking Jesus to come into your life will immediately transform you into perfection, or shield you from all of lifes temptations.

Let's not confuse the facts. People are not perfect and do make mistakes. But saying God doesn't exist because Christians aren't perfect is like saying because a child makes a selfish mistake he must not have any bilogical parents. In this situation it is obvious the child was created even though his parents may not make their presence seen at the moment.



























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