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The Dead Sea Scrolls

Nearly every one of the scriptures from the Old Testament involving the first coming of the Messiah Jesus are corroborated by another scripture in the New Testament. You may ask how do we know that the Bible wasn't written after the fact just to record history rather than predict it? This is a fair question. Let's consider for a moment the finding of the Dead Sea scrolls.

The Dead Sea scrolls are archaeological findings discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven caves near the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in Israel. The scrolls are written in original Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew languages and have been scientifically dated to as far back as 300 years BC. They were stored in the caves in Israel and forgotten about for several thousand years. With the exception of the book of Esther, portions of every book in the Old Testament have been recovered and deciphered from the Dead Sea scrolls.

A comparison of the Dead Sea scrolls and our modern Bibles reveals that the translations of the Bible down through the centuries from its original authors through the various formats such as King James version, New International Version, and others, have been translated accurately.

The significance of the Dead Sea scrolls is that they prove the prophetic scriptures in the old testament were written well before the time of Jesus and have been passed down through the generations without changing the content of the message. In effect they have acted somewhat like a checksum to verify the integrity of the message delivered by God through his prophets, and confirm the Bible wasn't just written after the fact, but accurately predicted history long before it happened.























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